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    Skilled Migration

    Do you have a qualification? Do you have work experience?

    The Skilled Migration category is aiming at attracting people who have skills to fill identified needs and opportunities in New Zealand and who are able to demonstrate an ability to contribute to and successfully settle in New Zealand.

    Business Migration

    Do you have experience in running a business?

    Business Immigration is to contribute to economic growth through encouraging enterprise and innovation and fostering external links.

    Family Migration

    Family Categories is to strengthen families and communities, while contributing to New Zealand's economic transformation and social development

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    活动亮点: 适用年龄:5-18岁学生均可报名; 一对一:每名学生将配有一名当地同学作为“学习伙伴” 沉浸体验:“插班式”学习,寄宿当地家庭,无论学习还是生活,都可以体验纯纯的“纽式”风味 完美时长:总行程11天,含往返程,玩着不累,成本可控。 活动安排 Day 1 (Sat) 国内出发   Day 2 (Sun) 机场-目的地Hauraki 与寄宿家庭见面 Day 3 (Mon) 市政厅和学校分别举行欢迎仪式; 课堂学习; 在校课外活动 Day 4 (Tue) 课堂学习; 参观Paeroa纪念公园,汽水小镇及毛利建筑; 家长活动:汉密尔顿、萤火虫洞一日游 Day 5 ...
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